MTA-100A-LV-OPTO( no bec) is a 100A brushless speed controller that can handle a maximum current burst of 120A.

Its performance in terms of compatibility, reliability and stability can compete with world famous brands.


  • Easy setting, easy operation.
  • Safe start-up system:
  • The motor won't be started no matter which position the throttle stick is on when the battery is connected.
  • Automatic power cut-off:
  • When the motor stops rotating or the radio signal loses for more than 3 seconds, the power will automatically be cut off.
  • High rate switching Pulse Width Modulation (PWM): 8KHz.
  • Over-heat protection:
  • The power will be cut-off as it is heated up to 110℃.
  • Over-voltage protection:
  • The motor won't be started if the voltage is higher than 18V.
  • Low-voltage cut-off:
    • 3.0V/2.7V (selectable) for Li-ion/Li-polymer battery.
    • 0.9V/0.7V (selectable) for Ni-CD/Ni-MH battery.

Timing mode:

  • Timing low mode----providing highest efficiency suitable for motors with 2, 4, 6 poles.
  • Timing high mode----providing highest rotation speed & biggest current suitable for motors with 6 or more poles and outrunning motors.
  • Programming Card: AS to be used for setting ESC
  • Programming can be done on the programming board easily.

Factory Default Setting:

  • Brake off.
  • Timing high - For outrunners and motors with more than 6 poles
  • Throttle curve -Linear

Battery type

  • Li-ion/Li-Polymer battery.

Cut-off voltage

  • Cut-off voltage low. 2.7V for Li-xx battery.

Cut-off type

  • Cut-off soft, reduce the power when voltage drops to the cut-off voltage.

120A Max Current Burst.  No Bec need separate battery pack for receiver.
Net Weight :72g

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